Maintenance Services

Pro Industrial Roofing and Cladding (PIRC) are specialists in repairing roofs and cladding. We can pinpoint any issue you may have with our initial free drone survey and then further investigations and report to fully explain what the damage is and what is needed – from temporary fixes to long-term solutions.

Our team have expert knowledge and experience of most roofing and cladding systems and really are the best people to tell you what you need.

Rooflight Replacement

Natural daylight is so important to businesses as it creates a healthy environment and lowers the need for artificial lighting which, in turn, reduces energy bills.

We offer a range of rooflights, from simple modular options to custom-designed self-supporting skylights. Our range is suitable for most buildings across the industrial and agriculture sectors.

Drone Surveys

Drones enable us to access areas of your roof that may pose health, safety and environmental risks in a fast and efficient way. A popular choice for businesses, our drones can inspect the area and find any issues that you might have. It completely avoids the use of scaffolding; road closures and permits and will cause minimal disruption to your business.

Composite Panels

Composite panels are a great option for your roof as they provide excellent thermal and fire protection and are one of the best products available. The panels are essentially a sandwich of metal profile outer sheet, insulation and metal internal liner.

Built Up Systems & Cladding

Insulation is one of Pro Industrial Roofing's (PIRC) specialities. A properly insulated building will save you energy and money and we can work with you to achieve this. We offer thermal efficiency services such as insulated wall cladding systems and cavity insulation which keep the cold out and the heat in.


Pro Industrial Roofing and Cladding (PIRC) are fully trained and authorised for Asbestos removal. The use of asbestos was only banned in the UK in 1999 and so there are hundreds of buildings in Scotland that still have asbestos in their roofs. PIRC can offer cost-effective over cladding to minimise time and disruption at a site. They can also provide a roof refurbishment using the over clad process. This is installed by the team using the clip and bar system.

Gutter Replacement & Repairs

A new roof wouldn’t be complete without new guttering. Over time, leaves and other debris can build up in your guttering system, potentially leading to water blockages and leaks. Gutter replacement and maintenance is a key part of our business. Gutters should be inspected at least once a year as well as after a heavy rainstorm. We have trained specialists who can spot potential problems before they get worse. We can refurbish your current system or replace it, making sure you have a fully functioning gutter for your business.