Our Work

McKay and Stenhouse

Sector | Property Builder
Services | Roofing and Cladding

As a property builder, MacKay and Stenhouse needed an expert team when converting an old linen weaving factory into 33 flats.

The factory had closed in 2014 and has since been used by Fife Council. The roof needed to be converted from a flat roof to a pitched roof to make it suitable for accommodation. Pitched roofs are traditionally used for homes as they ensure better water drainage and are built to withstand snow, ice, wind and rain.

Luckily, PIRC were up for the task and successfully converted the whole roof in only nine weeks.

The new residents of the Kirkcaldy flats will sleep soundly knowing their home has a weather-proof roof, thanks to PIRC.

Rossco Properties

Sector | Property Developer
Services | Roof Replacement

Rossco Properties is involved in the development and investment of mainly commercial properties across all industry sectors and across the UK. A warehouse in Grangemouth was being used by Diageo Plc and PIRC were called on to replace the old roof.

At 8000sqm, the job was a biggest to date for the team at PIRC but rose to the challenge and successfully completed the work within five weeks.

The team stripped the old roof, installed new rooflights and re-sheeted the new roof all while working on the live site at the warehouse.

A good quality roof is vital for the storage purposes of a warehouse and now Diago Plc can rest assured that their goods will be kept in the best possible condition, thanks to PIRC.

Pure Gym

Sector | Gym
Services | Roof Refurbishment

Pure Gym is a recognisable name throughout the UK. They offer low cost, flexible membership to customers and have a wide range of fitness equipment and workout classes on offer. With such a great reputation to uphold, the branch in Kirkcaldy needed a roof refurbishment to maintain the brand’s high standards.

The professional team at PIRC were called on to refurbish the roof. As the building was formally a car garage, the team needed renovate the existing roof and bring it up to code for an indoor gym.

The work was completed to the highest standard and finished within four weeks. Thanks to PIRC, gym buffs can now work out in a comfortable environment.

Muntons Malts

Sector | Malting
Services | Roofing and Cladding

Muntons is a leading supplier of brewing and distilling malts and malted ingredients to the food and drinks industry worldwide. The expert team at PIRC were subcontracted for work on the roof for their headquarters in Suffolk.

This work was carried out in 2020 and the team put in extra measures to make COVID safe working practices. Internal stainless steel was also being used so the team had to work hand-in-hand with the steel erectors.

It was a very complex job, but the work took 12 weeks altogether with the skilled team working to the highest measures in health and safety.

Some Of Our Other Projects

Sector | Industrial Manufacturer
Services | Roof Replacement

Sips Eco Panels is an award-winning Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) home manufacturer in Scotland. The company contacted PIRC for advice for their roof at their headquarters in Glenrothes.

Like many buildings in Scotland, Sips Eco Panels discovered they had Asbestos in their roof. PIRC are experts in dealing with Asbestos and, in this case, were able to provide over-cladding to the existing roof.

This option is cost-effective and minimises time and disruption at the site while providing a safe alternative to removing the Asbestos. This method makes sure that everything is contained and safe for staff and customers. The job at Sips Eco Panels took only two weeks.

Sector | Retail
Services | Supplied Labour

Most people in Scotland will have a local Scotmid. The supermarket chain has over 200 stores in the country. The store in Bo’ness needed work done to its roof and PIRC were only too happy to help.

PIRC supplied expert labour through a subcontract to help with the job that was completed in seven weeks.

The community in Bo’ness can shop with confidence now that their local store has a PIRC approved roof.

Sector | Retail
Services | Roof Replacement

Thistle Windows & Conservatories pride themselves on being a local home improvement specialist. The showroom in Aberdeen is a place for customers to peruse the high-quality windows, doors and conservatories on offer. When showcasing such fine products, the showroom needs to reflect the same high-quality and so the expects at PIRC were called in to replace the roof in the showroom and warehouse.

As specialists in industrial roofs, the team at PIRC were perfectly placed to remove the old roof and purlings which were almost 40 years old. The team replaced the substructure, installed rainwater goods and improved the roofing materials.

With PIRC’s exceptional attention to detail and expert care, the warehouse and showroom roof now reflects the high-quality products on display at Thistle Windows & Conservatories and staff can enjoy working in a dry, warm space now thanks to the first-class roof.

Sector | Industrial
Services | Roof Replacement

Based in Auchinleck, East Ayrshire, EGGER is a modern chipboard production and wood recycling plant. As an important employer for the region with more that 100 people working on site, EGGER had a need for more natural daylight and called in the team at PIRC to replace the roof and install rooflights.

To ensure workers have the best possible working environment, and to save money on electricity bills, having natural light is essential. The experts at PIRC knew exactly what services EGGER needed.

The team completely replaced the roof on the building and installed new barrel rooflights which allows much more light into the building. The job was complete within three weeks and the team at EGGER were delighted at how much brighter and warmer the building is.

Sector | Retail
Services | Replacement Gutters and Roof/Cleaning and Maintenance

Todd & Duncan is a specialist in Scottish cashmere and have over 150 years of expertise. The yarn is all produced at the Loch Leven mill in Scotland, using traditional methods that have been perfected by generations of cashmere experts.

For such an established brand, customers and employees expect a high-quality shopping and working experience. The roof on both the shop and cashmere factory needed care and attention and PIRC were just the team to do it.

The gutters on both roofs were replaced and the roofs were thoroughly cleaned and maintained to the highest standard. The team at PIRC know that simple steps such as roof cleaning and gutter replacement can ensure that roofs stand the test of time. The work was carried out within two weeks with minimal disruption to shopper and workers. The cashmere will hopefully be made and sold here for another 150 years thanks to PIRC.

Sector | Food Production
Services | Replacement of Rainwater Goods and Guttering

Quaker’s has been making great tasting, nutritious food products over 130 years. Many of the brands are household names and in Cupar, Fife, they are a major local employer. While making such well-known foods, the team at Quaker wanted to ensure that their staff had the best possible working environment and so called on PIRC for gutter replacements.

The expert team at PIRC know how important gutters are to a building. If not properly maintained or replaced, they can overflow and cause major leaks to the building. The team were able to completely replace the guttering and rainwater goods on the whole building in a timely manner and with minimal disruption to the business.

Sector | Car Showroom
Services | Roof Overlay

Peter Vardy is a name most people in Scotland know as a reputable car retailer. With many showrooms across Scotland, they specialise in BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Porsche, MINI, Vauxhall as well as commercial vans and cars. It’s a name to be trusted.

When buying a new or used car, the first thing a customer expects to see is a polished showroom. First impressions are important and so Peter Vardy called in the expert team at PIRC for a new commercial roof for their Aberdeen showroom.
The old roof was around 20 years old and was at the end of its lifespan. After discussing options with PIRC, they decided to overlay the current roof with a new one. The advantages of overlaying a commercial roof, rather than replacing it completely, means that business can continue as normal in the showroom, it takes less time and is less expensive for the customer.

The car showroom remained completely operational while work was being done and staff could continue as normal and customers were able to browse the cars at their leisure. Now complete, the roof looks brand new and will last many years.

The work took five weeks to complete and the team had also brought in stricter health and safety measures while working during the Covid-19 pandemic. Digital thermometers ensured that all staff were well enough to work, and masks and social distancing are now standard.

The showroom in Aberdeen is now looking polished and professional, exactly the kind of building potential car buyers expect. All thanks to PIRC.